The single most powerful form of new business creation is word of mouth. Business thrives on it. Your friends and customers aren't going to carry your printed brochure everywhere they go, but they can carry your domain name in their heads! A simple, easily remembered and easily spelt domain name is essential.

Your web site is interactive! Your customers and potential customers can communicate at their convenience, even while you are asleep or your business premises are closed. You can maintain customer relationships efficiently. You can develop your own database of contacts, communicating quickly and directly in a timely fashion. This will encourage potential customers to commit and initiate business opportunities. 

Your website products and services are easily shared. It is very common for households to “search the internet” for products & services on a daily basis. If your product's or service's have the potential to sell, why not sell it online!  Internet sales grew 80% from 2006 to 2010, online spending for 2010 is a whopping 119 BILLION dollars.  You could target businesses locally,regionally,nationally or globally regardless of your physical location. There is no limit.

You're human. You can't physically do business 24/7. You have to eat, sleep, socialise and relax. Your web site doesn't. Your web site is selling and growing your business every minute of every day. If you have an ecommerce site; selling products, you wake up to orders in the book and cash in the bank. Win Win!

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